Sometimes when you are in a noisy classroom, do you suddenly feel the urge to put your headphones on and play your music in order to create more quiet feeling? I thought it was just me, until I read Quiet. Quoting the author Susan Cain, it’s time to establish “a greater balance of power” between those who rush to speak and do and those who sit back and think.

Quiet is well-researched, combining psychological research studies and popular business literature to provide the answers for introvert personality. What I also like about this book is the elegant writing style, although I feel asleep twice due to the “heavy” english. When we compare Quiet to the other self-help book which usually “telling you what to do”, Cain’s writing style more into persuading and forming your thought in order to make understand more about yourself.

Quiet provides insight for introverts, their loved ones and maybe their colleagues about what it means to be introverted, what particular benefits introversion can provide. When other books strive to form you to be more extrovert, Quiet empowers you to be who you are and creating a path to understand more about yourself. 4.0 out of 5 stars



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