“The unique shape of the bottle Buavita 2Go (form of fruit) as well as functionality (easy grip),” said Dudy Wiyancoko, PhD in the field of industrial desaign Faculty of Engineering Chiba University, Japan. No wonder Buavita 2Go selected as the Most Attractive, The Most Safety, and Best of the Best Packaging in the category of fruit-flavored drinks in Indonesia Consumer Packaging Award 2010 cited Mix/11/VII/November Magazine 2010.

Fruit drinks have been known to be one of drinks that can provide fresh feeling after doing various activities that tiring but still good for consumption.Along with the increased variety of activities conducted outside the home, then there was a change in how to consume the drinks, which is more and more consumption of beverages in doing outside the home.

Buavita Benefits :

  • Made from real fruit that refreshing, delicious, healthy, rich in vitamin C and no preservatives.
  • Available in a wide selection of delicious flavors and packaging sizes
  • Processed with UHT technology and packaged in aseptic so that Buavita quality taste and nutritional value is maintained
  • New Buavita packaging designed dynamic , more closely describes the vitality and freshness of real fruit juice
  • New formulations that have been perfected and juice content

Who are they?

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 19-29

Class: B, C

urban youth aged 19-29 years, active and dynamic as it is portrayed in television commercials that use endoser Buavita 2Go RAN.

Needs: stay healthy and fit, likes to eat something fresh healthy but easy to grab

Lifestyle: healthy, active.

Attitudes: positive, young, dynamic, creative, mobile, open minded.

Desire: stay healthy, stay young, stay active, stay fit

Hopes&Dreams: stay young, stay healthy, stay fit

Fears&Concerns: sickness, wrinkles, stress

What do they need from the category?

They need to stay healthy, young and mobile so they consume something that easy to grab but healthy.

What do they do?

after tiring day they consume it instead of energy drink

they consume it outside the house

they always carry it in their bag everywhere

What are their aspiration and dreams?

by consuming this they want to stay healthy and young.

they don’t have time for sickness because they have loads of activities


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