one of the page

one of the page in September Issue, cover: Sienna Miller

I actually interested in many things. I’m inspired by many things; small and big things, because every small or big things impact us consciously or unconsciously.  I don’t really know about fashion that much and I’m not yet interested in fashion, because even though fashion is composed (in my opinion) many types of styles. The word fashion just link to something extravagant and luxuries things that, again, not really interest me yet. Because extravagant and luxuries are just not really my thing yet.

that thick

that thick

Until Devil Wears Prada that bring me to interest more in that kind of fashion. One of the character there Miranda Priestly who was well played by Meryl Streep is kinda based with a real fashion editor, Anna Wintour. Anna Wintour is the long time fashion editor-in-chief of US Vogue for so many years. She is one of the history maker in fashion industry. From here I am also introduce to the September Issue, the most thick issue produced in a year. It’s the change in season collection. There are huge catalogues in winter collections that has to be brought. From here I was also introduce to film about the September issue itself, The September Issue.


A movie about the making of September issue that also bring along the characteristic of Anna Wintour the legend (in my opinion) while working on making Vogue issue. From this September issue I can say that Anna Wintour is a perfectionist and she really knows what she is doing, obviously, she just mind blowing. I’m speechless. She is not only managing the content of the magazine but she also managing many quite famous and also newbie designer on their collections. She is that magical, she is like the decision maker of the entire fashion industry (i think). She was actually the first one who put a celebrity on the cover of the magazine and make as a regular thing to do for magazine now days.


She is really magical but she can be really fierce. She can change her decisions about spreads that sometimes has to cost another photo shoot a few days before it is being submitted to the publishers. But because she is already knows the 4 dimensional of fashion and already doing it for many years  I don’t doubt her decisions or opinions.  I think she is not that cold icy and arrogant like what Devil Wears Prada described it as Miranda Priestly. But she is more smarter and more elegant than Miranda Priestly. She is just beyond.


She is just that mind blowing and that magical.



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