Simply Words.

Tagline is that simply words that are trying to picture the brand or product in general.

Coca Cola – Open Happiness

Simple word but great meaning yet a lot of action can do after this simple little words. Great campaign after this tagline. It always have special thing in my heart, always bring smile to my face, little spark of hope and a little tears to me. What they make after this little words are always great.


CMPB – got milk?

A big smile with milk mustache on the upper lip.

The first time I saw this ad was the simple 2 words and the milk mustache. I know this ad supposed to be

Research on California tell us that many Americans drink milk every day and mostly they drink it at home. But there was a declining long-term in milk sales. From the tagline “MIlk Does a Body Good” that doesn’t appealing anymore into “got milk”.

“got milk” is pursuing the “milk deprivation strategy” as their strategy to sell the milk.

the first ad being produced for this ad campaign in 1993 was a huge success and making drinking milk is cool and fashionable.


Budweiser – This Bud’s for You

Beer is quite a big consumption in US and Europe and mostly being consumed by men. With this tagline Budweiser trying to portray that Budweiser is buddy for man when they drink alone, but also with Budweiser will make their group even more fun.


New York State – I LOVE NY

When you thought I ♥ NY is just a sentence that is being printed in many merchandise for NY CITY. But it’s actually the tagline to promote New York city than being upgrade to promote State of New York. This is already quite common and there are many duplicates of this it’s make it interesting. The trademark is not only on the words but the typeface and the way this I Love NY being place.


Las Vegas – What Happens Here, Stays Here


Casino, gambling, hang over, bachelor and bachelorette party, booze, instant marriage, crazy, lights.

Everything in Vegas seems too crazy to be shared with other people because it’s too sinfully fun because we do crazy things that we unexpectedly and expectedly things.

We go to Vegas searching for unordinary and crazy nights that we will not forget. This tagline is just really suitable for the craziness in Vegas.

VW – Think Small 


Think small resulted a big success to VW company. Back on the 1959, Volkswagen was trying to sell their small Beetle in a time when big cars were a hit in the market. They chose to expose the benefits of driving a small car by creating advertisements that included a small image of the car with a lot of whitespace around it. The major goal of this slogan was to shift the consumer’s perspective of small cars, so turning the smallness of their vehicle into a strength instead of a weakness.

Disney – The happiest place on earth.


Its simple, recognizable, memorable and represent the disneyland itself. It helps the consumer to remember the brand and make customer remember and relate to the product. It is also portrays the brand image and the mission of the company which is to be the source of joy and inspiration to all the world.

NOKIA – Connecting People


I think it has a double meaning, speaking both literally and figuratively. Everybody knows that Nokia is a mobile company, so that it deals with connectivity and connecting people. But the slogan gives it another meaning as well. It suggests that Nokia cares about people and relationships.

Burger King – Have it your way.


This slogan was created in 1974. Along the way, Burger king tried to make many tagline but unfortunately they have failed, so in 2004 they back with “Have it your way”. The idea is pretty simple was that you could order your hamburger the way you wanted with the toppings you wanted–right when you wanted it! Because humans are undefined, the wants are different each and every person. You could be the king of your burger.

Kapal Api – Secangkir Semangat


As a leading coffee brand in Indonesia, Kapal Api has a nice touch for their tagline which is “secangkir semangat”. It has an emotional feeling if we compare to their old tagline “Jelas lebih enak”. In addition, the tagline also differentiate Kapal Api brand image compare to the other coffee brand in Indonesia. I think Kapal Api was trying to give positive spirit to the society with their coffee. Its Simple yet touching.

BS and J


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