When dooms day was delayed on 20 december 2012. my mind was running hundreds kilometer per minute about things around me, about my life and some others. thinking about environmental phenomenon that will or will not happening. thinking about the future and past. just meditate for a couple of minutes. this the thing that cross my mind. – B

We don’t know what happen above us.

Maybe there is a young comet who is trying to detach from his mom because he feels he is strong and mature enough to live by himself. He fed up with everything he rebel, and rebel, and rebel and eventually he detach from his mom, from his family. He fly, he floats, he smile and enjoying his freedom. Nothing is attach and nothing to be attach. He smiles for the wind breezing freely around his body. Free. Free….

‘Mayday…mayday…a commet is coming towards the earth, mayday…mayday’

‘JUNIOR!’ Comet’s mom shout to the space, panic, trying to catch his beloved son that just detach from her body, from the family. He’s gone. Comet mother run as fast as she can so she can catch his son, before it’s too late.

‘NOOO!’ Father comet’s scream to his wife as she run as fast as she can from him to catch his stubborn, selfish son who doesn’t know nothing about this world. Father comet run to catch his hysteric wife.

‘Mayday…mayday… Two comets coming faster than the first one! Mayday…mayday alert two comets coming faster than the first one.’

‘We estimate 6 hours for the comets to hit the earth, the hit will probably quite big for two comets behind the first one. The second and third will hit an hour after the first. Everyone should be alert and stand by. NASA still investigating these comets for further information’

He jolt when he hears the echo of his name in the space. From faraway he sees the silhouette of his mother coming towards him. Not far behind he can see his father.

‘No way… No..no..no… Not now… I haven’t felt anything’ the juniot comet shaking his body furiously thinking faster as he could, faster than his parent could run towards him. Run.
He run as fast he can, runaway from his parent that running to catch him. He run as fast he can, run! Just run!

‘JUNIOR! Please don’t go darling I love you pleaseeee!’

‘Baby it’s no use! He already choose what he wants, let’s just go home’

Mother comet running towards his son to catch him ignoring the plead from his husband that’s not behind him. She kept running as fast she could like the tears that keep runnings in her face. Tears of hurt, tears of pleading, tears of losing. Tears for her beloved son.

‘We are disappoint to tell you that these comets are going to hit the earth faster that we predicted. The impact will be bigger than we thought. The first comet will hit near new york, the second will hit pacific ocean, the third will hit the.  . We want you to be alert and save important belongings as much as you can because we will evacuate you, after the hit will cause quite big tsunami in many areas of the world so we want you to be ready for evacuation’

He runs as fast as he can, get away from his parents. Just run what he thought, run, freedom, run.  When suddenly he feels hot, really hot. Pain is starting to radiate his body.

‘MOM!’ His helpless scream for help.

‘NOOOOO!’ Mother comet just can scream when he watch his son hit a planet. Her belove sun is staring to get burn.

His father just can watch helplessly when he witness his stubborn son is starting to get burn, tears is starting to roll down. His son can not die that young. He run to his son, he run to save him, he run with his wife to catch his son not to tell his wife is too late. He thought it’s not too late. He run with his wife to help their beloved son.

Alert. Danger. Chaos. Lost. Helpless.

Is this the end of the world? I don’t know.

His skins is staring to rumple. The pain is unbearable till he can’t feel anything. He feels like floating. Free. No burden. No nothing.

‘I love you mom, I love you dad’






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