I see the Moon, the Moon sees me.

the Moon sees somebody that I don’t see.

God bless the Moon and God bless me.

And God bless the somebody that I don’t see.

If I get to Heaven before you do

I’ll make a hole and pull you through.

And I’ll write your name on every star,

that way the world won’t seem so far.

love her.”

the words that attracted me the first time as Sarah Kay singing it for TedxEast. The first time I was introduced to different kind of poets telling that I’ve never seen and heard before. The first time I fall hard with the way Sarah Kay deliver her poets. The first time I have this interest in spoken words.

Sarah Kay always deliver her poet not in a dramatic way. There is tone and feeling but not too much like the other spoken words or poetry that i’ve heard. She doesn’t use complicated words, so it’s easy to understand. The stories of the poets are daily stories with spices of excitements and thrill here and there. Giving the poets some value life lesson that can be learn.

My favorite spoken word of Sarah Kay is When the Love Arrives featuring her long time friend Phil Kaye. (link: bit.ly/MCxcXH)

The poet is so beautiful and simple. Nothing being exaggerate to be really romantic, or making it really dramatic. It’s just simply about love generally. They describe love the way it is; not always flowers, butterfly and rainbows, or tissue, heart break and ice cream. I think love can be describe in most vocabularies in the dictionary.



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